Sathyamoorthy Patchaiappan

[Founder – Chief Executive & Designer]

Sathyamoorthy grew up in Auroville, South India. His passion for landscaping and designing started when he worked at a landscape firm. In the year 2000 he decided that he was ready to try on his own and he set-up Progress Landscape. Within a few years he built up the company and was designing gardens around the country. As his work became known, he was approached by prestigious clients for their projects. Sathyamoorthy likes to be totally involved and is more often at project sites than at his desk. Finding time to sketch and develop designs whenever he can, he is always looking for new ideas.

Dirk Gastmans

[Executive – project management & coordination]

Dirk, originally from Belgium, settled in Auroville, South India in 1978. He is part of Progress Landscape since 2000 as one of its executives. He also takes care of project management and coordination. He has a background in handling landscape projects from having worked with various landscape firms. His interest in plants and landscaping started at young age as his parents are both avid gardeners and his father a botanist. Dirk had the opportunity to be associated for 10 years with the late Made Wijaya, the renowned tropical landscape designer from Bali.