About us



Our company’s ideals and vision are closely linked to those of Auroville. To always progress and remain true to our work, to always keep improving.

Good landscape design is achieved through a clear understanding of all the requirements, the nature and situation of the project site, the clients wishes and the architecture. We visit each site and carefully evaluate all aspects. We interact closely with everyone involved on the project to make sure that the end result is a perfect combination of client requirements and site specifics.

Using our own teams for hardscape works and planting we can assure a high-quality finish at our projects.
We are associated with the best consultants and professionals from various fields so that we can offer our clients total solutions for swimming pools, irrigation, lighting and other needs.

We believe in a hands-on approach and are involved at the project site as much as required to make sure that everything progresses smoothly from start to finish and most importantly, to the clients’ satisfaction.

Progress Landscape:

Progress Landscape was founded in the year 2000 by P. Sathyamoorthy. The office is located at; and is a part of; Auroville, the international township situated in Tamil Nadu, near Pondicherry. The name Progress, and the message “the reason why we are on earth” are taken from the name given to the Vinca rosea flower by The Mother, Auroville’s founder. The flower is our company logo and the message of progress is what we strive for.
Starting from a small one room office in the year 2000, and in other locations during the following years, Progress is now based out of Swagatham, an architectural heritage building designed by French architect Roger Anger. The building was in urgent need of repairs and in 2014 work was started to renovate the building, the result of which can be seen in the image here.

Over the years, and with some 100 successfully completed projects, Progress Landscape has made a name for itself as a leading and top-end company. Our portfolio of clients includes industrialists, real estate promoters, film directors and celebrities.


Progress stone carving:

Progress Stone Carving is a division of Progress Landscape. It was set up because our requirement for perfectly finished stone products could not be met by the local market. We now have our own dedicated stone workshop on a space of 3 acres. We can process black and white granite in large quantities. Our team has years of experience in producing both exquisitely hand dressed, and machine cut granite. We supply paving stones for driveways & pathways, support columns for pergolas and granite for border treatment and ornamental features. With our own workshop we are able to assure a consistent quality finish and on time delivery for small and big projects in a cost-effective manner.