Progress Landscape was started up in the year 2000 with the idea of offering people beautiful gardens and landscaped environments. Over the past years we have developed well over 40 landscape projects, both for private residences as well as bigger commercial projects.
We always work in close association with other professionals so as to provide our clients with total project solutions. Once engaged we carefully follow up, supervise and monitor the work in progress and remain involved till satisfactory completion of the project.

Landscape design and creation at Progress Landscape goes beyond making a simple garden. We do not believe that a landscaped environment can be created in an office on a computer or drawing board. Every site and location demands its unique and specific landscape. We visit each site and carefully evaluate all aspects. We interact closely with the client, architect and other people involved in the project to make sure that the final design is a perfect combination of client requirements and site specifics.


For further information please contact us:

New Creation . Auroville – 605101 . Tamil Nadu

Office Tel: +91-413-2623435 / +91-413-2623057
E-mail: progress@auroville.org.in